Saturday, October 29, 2011

PICTURES DON'T LIE, (or do they?)

Proof positive that I really do live in an "enchanted forest".  An early snow storm and some photo editing fun make for some Magick.  If anyone would care to use these photos for crafty projects, please feel free and enjoy.  I am thinking the obvious, Christmas cards. 
Purple Magick


Rose Colored Glasses

For your friends at the Beach!

For the Taditionalist


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I think the pink and b&w is my favorite. I do wish it snowed more where we live. I miss the snow--it is so beautiful.
It is very nice to meet you. Talk to you soon!


Diandra said...

Those would make some really extraordinary christmas cards... which reminds me, I have to get ours written and ordered! (I'm going to use a winter picture taken by the BF and write a short short story (drabble or less).)

Cytrine Love Ravenfire said...

Thank you for your expression of appreciation.