Saturday, December 31, 2011

My new "enchanted" charm design!
A pretty pink gemstone heart, purple peace signs, rainbow crystals
and pink swarovski elements on the hook.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Hubby and I like to frequent, (more often than necessary), what we refer to as our local bar.  It is our local bar because it is about three minutes drive from our home.  By most, I suppose, people's standards, it would be deemed a dive. Not to us!  We love going there for many reasons.  We are welcomed there by the owners and the patrons.  We all know each other on that casual level that comes from socializing over a cold beer and a bar stool.  They serve good cheeseburgers and fries, which to us, is the standard that all great "dives" are judged by.

So, to get to the "enchanting suprise".  This past Saturday we went down to the local pub to tip a few pre-holiday spirits and to devour good burgers and fries, and much to our delight, they had a band there for the afternoon.  We stayed longer than usual, soaking up the great atmosphere, the food, the fun and just really relaxing and hanging out enjoying these wonderful, talented musicians.  Of course, social butterfly that I am, I had to find out who they were, and of course, I have to share them with you.  Please check out there website www.georgewesley.com and just know that they were enchanting!  Love, Cytrine




Thursday, December 15, 2011

Put on your red dress and party like a rock star.
Happy Yule!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


While Hubby was slaving away in the kitchen preparing "the Birthday feast", I decided to stay out of the way and retreat to my craft room and make myself some holiday bling to wear.  I made two necklaces, one is black tourmaline with rainbow swarovski crystals and a sterling silver toggle clasp.  The second one is moonstone and amazonite with rainbow swarovski crystals for sparkle and a silver magnetic clasp.


Oh, how I just love this time of year.  All the festivities and decorations are just soooooo inspiring.  And my Mother's birthday (Dec 25th) and my birthday (Dec 11th) are thrown into the holiday mix. 

To start this fun-filled weekend my friend, Ametrine and I went to a Christmas concert at our local high school.  We started the evening at a cozy restaurant, drinking pints of raspberry beer and consuming a wonderful chicken marsala dinner. 

The band that played is called "Twelve-Twenty Four", you can check them out on facebook.  They are our local version of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and believe me, they DO NOT DISAPPOINT.  They are truly talented and amazing!  We finished the evening at my house with glasses of Carolans Irish Creme and an early piece of birthday cake. 

Next comes Saturday evening, with my Husband Dan, the best chef ever, slaving over the stove to prepare my Birthday feast. 

Fresh House Salad/w blue cheese
Kobe Beef Tenderloin
Tender Bay Scallops
Two Cheese Potato AuGratin
French Green Beans w/creamy bacon sauce
Wine: Beaujolais Nouveau
Homemade German Chocalate Cake w/coconut pecan frosting!
Carolans Irish Creme on the rocks

WOW! Needless to say I probably should not eat the rest of the week.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When I came home from work I was suprised to see that my honey had taken time to hang a picture on the wall for me.  We had discovered this old deer tapestry in an antique shop years ago, and had never really found the perfect spot for it.  From time to time, I would mention what became known as "the deer tapestry", saying how much I wanted it out of storage and up somewhere to be admired.  So, lo and behold, I come home to find that it finally has a home.  WONDERFUL!  But, the true suprise, is the pine wall that "the deer tapestry" now lives on was an old ratty cheap paneling wall until yesterday!

Now that is what I call "ENCHANTING"

Monday, December 5, 2011


"Just a thought I wanted to post as we head into the chaos of the holiday season"

Wealth does not consist of having great possessions,

Wealth consists of having few wants.

There is much joy found in being content with what we have and where we are in life.  I admit, I too get caught up in the gimmies and the wants, but I often stop and pause for the moment.  I ask myself, what joy will come from the acquisition of this item.  Will I love it and treasure it for many years to come, or will it end up being another part of the clutter and regret of past impulse purchases? 

I choose to not clutter up my world or anyone else's by giving only gifts of food, drink, maybe something handcrafted just for that special person, and memories.  Ultimately you will remember that great meal shared with family and friends far longer than the trinket you gave or were given. 

I am not trying to say that everyone should give up their holiday traditions of gift giving and sharing, I only want to get people to give some real thought to what is really meaningful in life, and think about what you do just out of habit or guilt.  Speak up, talk to the people you really care about, chances are they too will be relieved at the thought of trading in the stress and old habits for the true meaning of sharing and caring about what really matters in life.  That would be a truly valuable experience.  Share the wealth and "rock on"!!