Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Law of Attraction Lesson

Since I first heard of "The Law of Attraction", I have been fascinated with the subject.  I have read every book, e-book, blog etc. that I could find. One of the more challenging aspects (to me anyway) was to let go of your fear surrounding money. That feeling of scarcity, never having enough, all of that.

Sometimes I backslide and say to myself, is this real, am I too lazy to do the mental work involved, or do I sub-consciously just not believe it.  Recently I proved to myself that I really am starting to get it.  At the Pagan festival that my friend Ametrine and I attended on Sunday (see previous post) we found a vendor selling wonderful rocks and crystals. One of my admitted weaknesses, I have been a rock hound all my life.

So, I know, get to the point.  I always ramble when something is exciting.  So, anyway, we were admiring all the wonderful wares and we made our purchases. Before leaving the festival, we went back to see if we wanted to buy anything else.  There were two crystals, a citrine point and a smoky quartz that were calling my name.  Neither of the stones had a price tag. I picked them up, handed them to the vendor and said, "I will take these".  I did not ask the price, I was not afraid to commit to something that I wanted, and I had NO FEAR that I could not afford the items.  It did not sink in to me until later, that I really have absorbed some valuable lessons regarding the Law of Attraction.  This will be a great motivator for me when I begin to backslide yet again.

Cytrine & Smoky, A lovely couple. God & Goddess

I hope this post makes sense to someone besides me, and enjoy the pics of my treasures!

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