Monday, October 10, 2011

A Pagan Day

Friends + Wine + Crystals = Natural Magick
The Sacred Crossroads Association organized a Pagan Pride festival at our beautiful local park.  The gathering was small, but very enjoyable.  There were some wonderful musicians, a cute belly-dancer, and some great vendors.  My friend, Ametrine and I attended and came home with some cool magickal goodies.  Hop on over to her blog "The Witchy Pooch Is In" at www.ametrineknowingwillow.blogspot.com for some pics from the day.

I appreciated the intent of the gathering, which I believe was to help educate people about different spiritual paths.  However, I did not care for the slogan they chose.  Pagan and Proud.  It had a defiant tone to me and conjured up images of protestors and stone-throwers. (of which there were none, I am happy to say).  Too "in your face" for me, just as I do not care to have the "other" organized religions telling me I am going to burn in hell if I do not follow their ways.

Okay that was my short rant for today and the opinions expressed belong solely to Cytrine Love Ravenfire and not the blogspot venue.

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