Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging is hard work

I thought I would give my human the day off and do a blog post. 

I am a star already....'nuff said!

OK, where do all these creative bloggers get their ideas from???       

GET OUT! Can't you see how hard I am working?

BLOG-BLOG-BLOG.......I'm exhausted


Bird said...

I hear you, sweet little kitty. It's so very nice of you to give your human a day off so she can go relax and play and take long cat naps. You're so good to your human. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see that you are quite the star! May I ask your name? Very nice to meet you!
Please tell your mom to come for a visit. I have something for her.


Victoria said...

AWw..how adorable..fabulous post! I am smitten with your kitten!

Cytrine Love Ravenfire said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. My name is "Hickory" and I was named by my Dad. My Mom loves me for my extra toes!!! and of course for just being an all around good kitten.