Saturday, September 17, 2011

Take good care...

"If you take good care of something, it will live for a long time".

I am sure that when you read that statement, you thought of your own health, maybe your partner, child or pets health.  Possibly even your houseplants and garden.

When I see that statement, I see taking care of your dreams.  If you take good care of your hopes and dreams and wishes, they will live a good long life.  How many times have you been inspired with a great idea and start out with energy and excitement, only to lose momentum after a short while?  We let the reality of our daily life and choices get in the way and overtake our dreams and desires.  I know that when I  was young, I was going to be an artist, a great fashion designer, and a writer. Yes, all that!   Somehow I let life and my choices take me away from that dream.  I did not nurture it the way that you love something should be nurtured.  Even tho I neglected my dreams and allowed them to wilt and almost die, they still struggle for life.  They hang on and have stayed loyal and never left me.  I would never let my pets be hungry or thirsty or neglected, so why did I never understand that my dreams were also a living thing, a part of me that I loved very much?

My dreams are still with me and I make a promise to them today, that I will give them the love, care and nourishment that they deserve so that they can thrive and be joyful! 

Make a promise today to take good care of your dreams, so that they may live for a long time.

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