Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gratitude Every Day!

 We are having serious flooding here in the Northeast.  This year we have heard on the news about flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, droughts and all manner of tragic natural events.

I have worked very hard the last few years to really "amp up" my level of gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful things in my life, and especially how great my life is each and every day.  I am on a path to live simply, but beautifully.  For me this means being very selective about the "material things" that I choose to acquire.  I realize that there are so many more important things in life, such as freedom, friends, family and the memories you create over time, that cannot be duplicated.

My heart goes out to all the people who have lost so many things during these natural disasters and my sincere wish for them is that they come out of it with a whole new meaning of "gratitude" in their lives.  Slow down and realize that everything can be gone in a moment.  Appreciate the people and pets that are in your life, including yourself, every single day.  Start that gratitude journal you have been thinking about.  Tell people you love them.  Take extra special care of any and all animals you have chosen to bring into your lives. Take extra special care of you.

You do not need "stuff and clutter" in your life,  you need basic essentials, beauty and most of all LOVE!

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