Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where does inspiration come from?

Hi There!

Today I would like to talk about inspiration, and how do you receive it?  I am a great reader and philosopher (in my own mind anyway), so a lot of what inspires me comes from reading books and magazines.  But today I realized that a lot of my best inspiration comes from my friends. 

I am getting ready to go on a vacation to Lake Ontario, and since I am an obsessive planner, that is all I am talking about at work and at home.  Probably driving everyone crazy because it is my exciting plan and not theirs.  So anyway, back to inspiration.  I have been looking for an item that will hold my money, ID and cell phone, so that I do not have to "lug" around a purse full of things that I won't need.  And lo and behold, my friend Sue, shows me this "Vera Bradley" thing called a wristlet. I am so impressed by this silly item because it is exactly what I am looking for.  So I have one on the way from e-bay right now and I am excited to receive this package in the mail.

Okay, hopefully you are still reading, because I promise I am getting to the point.  Point being, this may be a bunch of nonsense to a lot of people, but to me, these moments of inspiration that come from out of nowhere are the most valuable gifts in my life.  I believe that people's lives cross paths for a reason, and every person I have ever met has great value to the big picture.  Every time I use my wristlet I will think of my friend and how different lives intersect.  I have always done my best to try to "inspire" people to look at life in a different way and really enjoy their life to the fullest.  If I have helped one person along the way, I feel that I have been of value to someone.  And I only wish that all of the great friends, (you know who you are), that I have met so far can only know how much they have inspired me. 

So if someone throughout your day makes a comment, or smiles, or makes you think about something in a different way, thank them, because they have added great value to your life.   Pay it forward!

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