Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visions or Dreams?

Well, I am just back from a fantastic week at Lake Ontario.  I have to admit that I want to return to work Monday morning like I want to eat gum off the sidewalk.  But I will go to the office as usual because I am a routine, comfort zone, oriented kind of gal.

I did learn a few things while I was away.

1.  I can stand my own company and
2.  My everyday life is actually pretty darn great!

Valuable lessons within themselves.  However I will always be a seeker and a dreamer and I realized that the seeking and dreaming are the part I actually enjoy.  So if I never do anything more than that, I have still achieved happiness, which is the ultimate goal.  I enjoy reading about abundant lifestyles and I even have a dream (or vision if you will) board that I have created.

Today, I added a beautiful picture of the famous Lake Ontario sunset that I took myself.  So, see, dreams really do come true if you have vision!


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