Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Nothing Above My Shoulders"

"Nothing Above My Shoulders but the Evening".  This is the title to an album by one of my favorite new age artists, Ray Lynch. His instrumental music is phenomenal.  When I really thought about the meaning of the title, "nothing above my shoulders but the evening", I realized that must be the true meaning of freedom.  No proverdial weights on your shoulders, no heavy loads to carry, no worries on your mind. Nothing but the evening and the stars. 

Do most people think that is a fantasy life?  I hope not!  When I listen to this music I can clear my mind of all worries and concerns.  I can truly be in the moment. (A good glass of wine doesn't hurt either). You may think that I am using music and alcohol to escape my real LIFE, but that is not so at all.  My real life is this wonderful and yours can be too.  What it is, is a choice.  We all have the freedom of choice. You can choose to be happy, positive, abundant and fulfilled.  Or you can choose to be negative, depressed or miserable.  A lot of people do not like the word choice because it implies responsibility.  Yes it is a responsibility for each and every one of us to "choose" happiness or sadness. 

 Which choice will you make today?

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