Sunday, February 26, 2012


When I purchased this magickal piece of earth, I did not realize what a truly special piece it is.  It was, by no means, the most "beautiful" rock in the shop that day.  There were other specimens that were truly outstanding, and although I could have afforded to purchase any of them, this is the one I was so drawn to and just had to have.

After some time now living with this piece, I know why it came home with me.  This particular rock at first glance is Amethyst, but if you really focus you will see that the outer layer is Blue Agate which is associated with truth, loyalty and reliability.  Welcome qualities in anyone. Even if you do not like the color blue, you are naturally drawn to people who do.  Bet you didn't know that!

 The next layer is Crystal Quartz, which is for clarity, as in seeing things crystal clear.  Who doesn't need that in their life?

The next layer is Amethyst with a twist, because of the temperature in the earth where this speciman was located, the Amethyst (purple) started to turn to what we know as Citrine (golden yellow-brown).  Ameythyst is a catalyst for spiritual balance, serenity and calmness.  It is also known as the "hangover preventative" stone, so I never go drinking without it!!  Citrine does not absorb negativity, so never needs cleansing.  Wouldn't it be great if we humans were wired that way! Note: that is why I adopted it as my magickal name.

So now, with the mix of Amethyst and Citrine, we have what is known as Ametrine, and the beauty of Ametrine is that it promotes serenity, self-confidence and a perfect blend of opposites.

So I guess I stumbled upon a masterpiece from the earth, and I am sure that it's energy will be a wonderful addition to my magickal work and space.

The moral of the story is, do not just look for beauty alone, be aware of what you are truly drawn to and why!  Always, always trust your intuition.  In.....tution, meaning in.......learning.  We are always learning in our physical realm and will never be finished.

I purchased this piece on a wonderful outing with my friend, at the Back Mountain Jewelry and rock shop.  You can check them out at http://www.backmountainjewelry.com/

I apologize for the blurriness of this photo, this piece just does not want its picture taken?
I suspect that fairies have taken up residence there and are purposely fanning their wings to blur the photo.

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Ametrine Knowing-Willow said...

Wow! Great close-up shot! So beautiful! I'm sure those fairies just love their new home basking in those dynamic rays. Truly a Majestic Magickal Treasure! :-)